Sunday, November 15, 2009

Theodore (Ted) Leutz Facts & Information

Hello there,

My name is Ted Leutz. There are a lot of questions asked about myself, my business and my history in the financial industry. I thought this would be a great spot to highlight some facts about myself.

Theodore Leutz
CEO Knowles Financial Systems

  • Ted Leutz joined The Rondels after graduation and performed nationally with this group. Theodore Leutz and the Rondels performed on the Jackie Gleason Show recorded live in Miami Beach in 1966.
  • Ted is an accomplished drummer and percussionist today performing in the Massachusetts area with many local bands.

  • Ted joined the life insurance industry in 1970. Theodore Leutz was appointed agency supervisor in 1976.

  • Ted was named Person of the Year by the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce in 1977.

  • Mr.Leutz joined forces with Bob MacDonald during the early 1980’s as the life insurance industry went through a major change. This change was as a result of an FTC report on the life insurance industry that went on to say the returns in life insurance were only 2-3% and consumers may do better by buying term and investing the difference.

  • Ted was instrumental in educating consumers, nationally, in new concepts surrounding the FTC report.

  • Mr. Leutz was appointed Regional Vice President of a national insurance company in the early 90’s. The objective was to build a presence in the Northeast. In the first year of building the region, the growth was 300%.

    Over the next decade, Ted built the Northeast Region into the number 3 region in the company. Ted received the Regional Vice President of the year a total of 3 times during this growth process. Theodore Leutz attended annually, by qualification, the National Sales Conventions sponsored by the insurance company.
  • Mr. Leutz is in the practice of educating consumers of How Money Works in partnership with Lynette Robbins, who designed the educational process for consumers.

  • Theodore Leutz and Lynette Robbins specialize in asset optimization for clients.

  • Ted Leutz and Lynette Robbins work in the area of maximizing tax free income for clients.
Read more about about Ted Leutz in his online bio.